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Exhibition of 500 Photos of things falling down onto the NationalRoadNo.1 in Iceland, which is also known as the islandic djodvegur or RingRoad.

It is about a distance of 1.300 km !

Odin Milan Stiura snapped during his long-term Race as TheRunningPoem© roundabout Iceland, nearly always along the left side of the Ringroad, this ordinary Shots.

At the first file under the pictures you see the date, 2nd shows the time and the 3rd the km-distance away from the Start in Reykjavik.

The Race started at July 1th 2017 at 6 am in Reykjavik and took a time of altogether 26 days. After 650 km there was a stop of 5 days and nights.

TheRunningPoem© started again at July 16th at 6 pm in Egilsstadir, in the East of Iceland. He finished the complete Round of the Island-Tour after 21 days and nights and further 6 hours walk and running time.

A exhibition of

Galerie Siebenstern*

Kugelroth 11

D-08626 Tiefenbrunn